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A level
Learn the features and characteristics of networks and how they combine. You will learn about communication protocols and how the internet is structured and how the internet enables you to see this description!
A2 level
Big Data
Learn what people mean when they say ‘big data’. Learn some common examples and uses of big data. Learn why functional programming is compatible with big data.
A2 level
Functional Programming
Understand the functional programming paradigm, function types, domains and codomains. Learn the key terms associated with functional programming and learn how to evaluate simple functions and combine them using functional composition.
AS level
Finite State Machines
Learn what Finite State Machines are, their uses and learn how to draw and interpret state transition diagrams and state transition tables.
AS level
Number Systems
Delve into the three number systems (binary, denary and hexadecimal) that you need to know for your exam, and learn the fundamentals of a computer’s functionality. We’ll also learn how to represent negative numbers as well as performing some arithmetic in binary.
AS level
CPU Components & Registers
Take a look into the units of the computer’s processor and understand each component of a CPU. We’ll also be learning what CPU registers are and their purpose.

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